2015 Black Friday Record Store Day Top 5


In honor of one of my favorite movies, High Fidelity, I’m doing my top 5 vinyl releases for 2015 Black Friday Record Store Day. What’s funny is that every year Recordstoreday.com puts out the list of limited edition records that will be available at independent record stores, it gets larger, and more diverse, and easier to overlook or brush off the “Wow!” factor of the importance and collectibility of some releases.

Being so busy ordering for the holidays and taking care of the everyday operation at the shop, I almost fell victim to not geeking out as much as I should about this year’s batch. Now that the day is getting closer, and the product is starting to roll in, I’m having trouble narrowing down the releases I’d like to get for my personal collection once the customers in line have gotten their pick. Here are the top 5-

5. Frank Zappa – Feeding The Monkies At Ma Maison [LP] (Orange Vinyl, first time on vinyl, indie-exclusive). Zappa was a weird and complex musician. This is one of his later albums, and I can’t believe it’s first ever release on vinyl will be available at my store. Supposedly, all of his 66 albums are getting re-issued on vinyl. Can’t wait for more. Some other albums that didn’t make my list are The Zombies- Live, B-52’s- Live, David Bowie- Earthling on green vinyl, and the technical Post-Metal band Animals as Leaders with really cool 3D cover art with glasses!


4. Eazy-E – Merry Muthaf#ckin’ X-Mas (Red Vinyl, first time on 7”, indie-exclusive). Lots of hype with Eazy and NWA lately, good timing for this release. Probably one of the more oddball releases this year, too. As I start to listen to more music, I have been getting back to the older Hip-Hop and G-rap I listened to on cassettes in the early 90’s. I have also been getting a collection of not so boring and usual Christmas records together to DJ with or play in the store during the holidays. There are a couple other Christmas tunes this year, and Support Your Local Record Store ugly Christmas sweaters even!

3. MGMT – Time To Pretend [12” EP] (Glow In The Dark Vinyl, first time on vinyl, limited to 2000, indie-retail exclusive). This is a modern trippy psychedelic pop band that has definitely grown on me. I’m usually more into the heavier psych stuff, but this band is easy to listen to anytime. MGMT is a band that I feel like will set the tone for current record stores to be those endearing places that 20 years in the future we say things like “I remember when I threw out my CDs and went all vinyl…”, or like “I remember waiting in line at Culture Shock to get a glow in the dark MGMT record when I was hungover…”.


2. Nine Inch Nails – Halo I-IV [LP+3-12” Box Set] (180 Gram, original masters, Pretty Hate Machine LP plus Down In It 12”, Head Like A Hole 12” EP, Sin 12”, indie-exclusive). Through all of my music phases, NIN has been one of my favorite bands since my early teen years. Great live show, great 1st album, and every one since. I’m not usually a fan of EP’s and singles, but NIN have always put lots of content and different sound into remixes. Plus, as with most 90’s bands, these have been very hard to find on vinyl. Another nice thing about box sets, they’re easy to find on the shelf if you have a large record collection. I’m also quite stoked about the 50th anniversary box set of the 60’s garage rock band The Sonics.

1. High Fidelity (Soundtrack) [2LP] (Orange Vinyl, 15th Anniversary, download, limited/numbered, feats. 13th Floor Elevators, Velvet Underground, Bob Dylan, Jack Black, Beta Band, etc., indie-exclusive). As a record store owner, and general music geek, this movie has become very close to me. For a movie about a record store owner, I have always been puzzled and frustrated that the soundtrack to such a film was never even released (in the U.S.) on vinyl!?!? I know, it’s weird! I have searched in record stores in every city I’ve gone to, never to even see one. I almost bid online for one overseas, but when bidding on something like this goes over $100, I won’t give in. So happy to finally see it coming out to independent record stores, plus being on colored vinyl and gold foil stamped numbered edition makes it even cooler! Some other soundtracks for this Black Friday that raised my eyebrows are True Detective, Garden State (on colored vinyl too), and the 30th anniversary Transformers soundtrack, with etched colored vinyl and some kind of crazy folding transforming record jacket!

Well, there it is. A tough list to narrow down to my five. A huge thank you to all of the informative and supportive Culture Shock customers. Good luck to you, and I’m glad to see the weather should be pretty mild if you’re going to be up early waiting for us to open Friday morning at 8. We’ll bring some coffee around to you. A huge thank you to my wife Lauren and the rest of the Culture Shock crew, and of course the Record Store Day folks for putting together such a cool batch of records for us again. -Skyler Davis @ Culture Shock Records

Open extended hours, 8am-8pm

First Come First Served, however…
We let 8 people in at a time and releases are sorted alphabetically.

Limit 4 RSD per person and only 1 of each release per person.

2239 Charles Street, Rockford IL 61104

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